Saturday, June 16, 2012

President Obama versus the neo-GOP Congress

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Is There Still a Path to the Survival of Democracy in America?

In the future, there will be change. If it is not change for the better, then it will be change for the worse.

If President Obama is going to help America change for the better, then his only hope is to campaign against the Republican Congress. EVERY Congressional race for a seat held by a neo-GOP politician must become a referendum on the performance of Congress.

If President Obama wins reelection, but Congress remains a gang of noisy neo-GOP obstructionists, then there will be no change for the better. The last four years have proven this. A narrow Obama victory is a defeat.

I strongly believe that a Romney victory with a staunchly conservative neo-GOP Congress will lead to a change back to Dubya's failed policies (which were actually the policies of Rove and Cheney and their associates). Those policies did not succeed when Bush was in the White House, and they will do no better on the second, third, or 10th attempt. This will NOT be a change for better.

The only hope is if the neo-GOP politicians are punished for blocking constructive change. There is only one path to progressive and constructive change. The first step on that path is that President Obama has to win and the neo-GOP Congress has to lose.

In light of Citizens United and considering that so many Americans have been so well trained to obey the ads, the situation looks quite bleak. All good things must come to an end, and I fear that I am about to witness the end of America. I would much prefer to believe that I will not outlive my country.

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A couple of postscripts:

P.S. Yes, I know that it is a dangerous simplification to attempt to average many changes in various areas into one notion of "change for the better". Of course there are many changes in many areas, and some of them will be for the better and others will be for the worse. If evolution is true (and I think it is), then the long-term average will be for the better, but we live in the NOW, and in the long term, each of us will die. As a concrete example of changes, I'm sure that computers will continue to become faster and more powerful, and most people agree those changes are for the better (though sometimes I wonder). However, I think almost all Americans agree that America overall has been changing for the worse, but they just argue about the details of which changes were the worst ones. My own pick for the worst changes would be those changes that have pushed the middle class to the brink of poverty. Yeah, the wealthy people have done MUCH better recently, but if you are still surviving in the middle class, you must be nervous or scared or worse.

P.P.S. My latest speculation is that the casino mogul is betting so heavily on Romney because he doesn't mind if things get worse for America. Desperate people are quite probably more likely to go to casinos, so it would be good for his business. The difference is that he can afford to lose a few million bucks. I bet you can't.


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