Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Muslim ban is a bad idea even for #PresidentTweety

Does Trump owe his presidency to religious bigots and racists? Yes.

#PresidentTweety's margin of so-called "winning" was so narrow that EVERY lunatic fringe that supported him can quite "reasonably" claim to have gifted him with the White House.

Those Muslim haters (both of the religion and the "brown" peoples who are most likely to be Muslims) aren't a huge voting bloc, but Trump skulked into Washington because of an unholy alliance of lots of small voting blocs. The funny part is that many of them oppose each other, but each imagines that the Donald was speaking the truth to HIS bloc and lying to all of the others.

Daesh is actually a great enemy. At least that's what Trump thinks (for extremely shallow values of "thinks"). Not a real threat in any existential threat. Just a bunch of noisy peasants with primitive guns. Think a little deeper and you remember how 9/11 succeeded with box cutters and that even more innocent victims died from IUDs since then. Multiply by 1.6 BILLION Muslims who #PresidentTweety is tweeting to arms...

Meanwhile the big players are thinking deeper. Is Russia about to take Ukraine again? Then on to Latvia and the other Baltic states?

Iran continues to expand into the power vacuum Dubya created. President Obama tried to fill it over the partisan opposition of the so-called Republicans, but Iran knew they could wait him out. Now Trump is rewarding their patience. When will they decide to go for Saudi Arabia?

Maybe China is about to make a deal the Donald can't refuse? We'll give you North Korea (to clean up) while we take Taiwan (and clean up for ourselves)?

P.S. The largest threat is actually the angry-loser voting bloc who wants Trump to turn the clock backwards to a simpler day, to an America of greater glory that never actually existed except in their feeble imaginations. Most obviously, America will never again have a numerically significant number of manufacturing workers unless they are so inefficient and have such low productivity that they are CRUSHED by more efficient and less backward nations. You know. The GREAT powers that used to include America.


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